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We would like to thank you for stopping by Mansfield Foundation Repair, your home for foundation repairs and more in the Mansfield area. We are here to bring you the strong and sturdy footing your home needs to stand up tall and proud for the rest of its life. Through a series of professional offerings, we have the skills you need to make your foundation strong, and yet light on the pocket book.

About Us

We have been proudly serving the Mansfield area for many years, and through our experience of service have managed to master the arts in which we offer to the city. We are the premiere source of concrete slab repairs, as well as a host of other services related to your homes foundation. We are dedicated to bringing more than you expect for a wide range of services, and the customer approach of putting you first, and making you feel appreciated.
​We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
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  • Discounts are Available for Teachers, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Nurses, Military, and Senior Citizens
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Each of the services we bring to the Mansfield area are the means to one particular end, to give your home the solid and sturdy foundation needed, and to provide you with as many services as possible to ensure the longevity of that foundation. Whether this is through repairs to multiple types of foundations, or expert plumbing services that work to bring results while protecting that foundation. No matter the issue you face, you can rest easy knowing that the most experienced professionals in the city are always at your side to help you through these tough situations.

Slab Repair

The bread and butter of our services is our slab repair, this is the offering that we began our company on, and have used to elevate our status in the industry. If you’re looking for a company that brings you the most experience in this specialized service, then Mansfield Foundation Repair is the right call to make. With swift repairs and unbeatable prices, you simply can’t go wrong by choosing our services.

Pier & Beam Repair

Getting your home off the ground and away form the water is a great means of providing a useful foundation, yet pier and beam foundations have their own sets of problems, and bringing you the help you need in dealing with them is Mansfield Foundation Repair. We bring you an experienced service that knows how to treat these foundations right, and how to bring you stability and longevity for the life of your Mansfield home.

“I had an issue with the sewer line in my home and was worried that going through the foundation would cause issues later on. I called Mansfield Foundation Repair for assistance, and they provided the repairs I needed by going under the home instead, excellent work on their part.” – Josh K


Mud Jacking

Whether for your outdoor steps, your walkway, or even in certain circumstances your homes foundation, mud jacking can be a great and environmentally friendly way of dealing with tilt and sag caused by ground movement. No matter the tilt, the location or the loss of land, you can depend on us to bring you the professional repairs you need to get your home and your property level and beautiful once more with a lasting service.

Retaining Walls Repair

Retaining walls are highly useful additions in specific circumstances, yet can also see their share of damages and weakening. When you find this happening with your properties retaining wall, then calling in the experts at Mansfield Foundation Repair is the right next step. We bring you a specialized and experienced repair through a host of different options, to ensure that we bring you the most reliable finish for your specific home needs.

“I noticed that many small cracks were starting to appear in a certain area of my cement basement floor. I called Mansfield Foundation Repair for assistance and they provided me with a free assessment, outlining the issues I faced. They left the choices all in my hands, which was a great experience.” – Nancy F


Drainage Services

Ensuring that your Mansfield area foundation has the assistance of an effective drainage is important, and when you find that you’ve either got a faulty or non-existent one, then getting the right professionals on task is important. Whether you’re looking for the installation of a French drain, or need a membrane in place for waterproofing, you can depend on the professional services that Mansfield Foundation Repair brings to your home for the protection of your foundation and the life of your home.

Plumbing Services

Bringing you more than just the best in foundation repair, we also have qualified plumbers on staff to deal with your specific plumbing needs when there’s a threat to your foundation. Whether going through the right locations, or even under your foundation, our professionals will get at your plumbing problems and bring you a quick fix. Keeping your pipes and your foundation in proper working order, and bringing back their level of dependability.

“The retaining wall on our property was starting to sag inward, fearing collapse we called Mansfield Foundation Repair. They came and provided the repairs we need through anchoring into the land behind it. Now our wall looks strong and great again.” – Rich U

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If you require further information about any of the services we provide, are looking for an assessment for your slab or pier and beam foundation, or would simply like to inquire about availability and pricing, we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call today. Our professionals are standing by and waiting to bring you the results you need, and to demonstrate our appreciation for your interest in our services. When you need an experience that brings results and also puts you at the focus of their efforts, then you need to call us for your foundation repairs today.