​Pier & Beam Repair

Using a pier and beam system in your home may not be the most current of trends, but there’s a reason these types of foundations have been around for as long as they have, and why so many homes in the Mansfield area still have them in place. Though finding the right skilled repairs company may be a little more tricky.

Flood Lands

Unlike standard slab foundations that place your home squarely on the ground, pier and beam foundations are used to raise your home above it. This is particularly useful for homes in areas that are prone to flooding, or see heavy rainfalls throughout the year. When you need a pier and beam foundation service that knows how to specifically treat these items, and how to get the most life out of them, you need to be sure that you are investing in one that brings the necessary experience. At Mansfield Foundation Repair we have assisted hundreds of home owners like you who still rely on these types of foundations.

Moss and Mold

One of the more common problems faced by homeowners with a pier and beam foundation is moss and mold. This can happen as a result of standing water underneath the home that provides the necessary moisture these growths need to be able to latch on and multiply. When you find yourself dealing with this issue, it’s important to get the right services quickly to deal with it before thy begin to eventually wear away at the integrity of the wood beams, and Mansfield Foundation Repair has just the services for your home.


Another common result of pier and beam foundations is the eventual weakening of the materials. Unlike concrete which can effectively last forever, pier and beam foundations are made of a wood support system, and over time, or through the affectations of water and the like, can see their strength begin to degrade. This can result in needing sections of your pier and beam foundations professionally replaced. At Mansfield Foundation Repair we bring you the specialized skills that can bring you the results you need to bring your foundation back up to it’s former strength and to bring back its reliability.


At times the ground underneath your pier and beam can shift, resulting in the weight above compensating and leaving you with bumps and sags in your flooring. This can also manifest in a springy feeling floor, or another number of ways, pointing out to you that work needs to be done. Mansfield Foundation Repair brings you the services needed to shunt areas affected by shifting ground, and to replace parts as needed to ensure that your pier and beam foundation is as strong as possible once more, and can be depended upon to hold up your Mansfield home for years to come.