Retaining Wall Repair

Retaining walls are a great way to provide you the effective barrier you need when your home is below the ground level of the surrounding area, working as a dam to keep the earth around your home from inviting itself in, these areas are important to keep updated and maintained in order to continue to rely on them for an effective service.
Mansfield Foundation Repair brings you all the offerings you need to ensure you have the best treatment for your Mansfield area retaining walls.


With the ever present shifting of soil that you will notice as the means for a lot of the work we do, you can be sure that this can also affect your retaining wall. And whether that shift is causing the wall to tilt out or in, it is important to get the right services to your home quickly to avoid collapse. We bring you all the services you need to reinforce and strengthen your retaining walls, whether this is through removal of earth, filling, earth anchors or otherwise. We have the skills and tools necessary to bring you effective results.


Dealing with separation of your retaining walls with the surrounding walls, you can be left confused as to why this is happening, and typically the answer comes down to an inferior material used to make the wall. When concrete of a grade that isn’t high enough is used for a retaining wall, and it is exposed to moisture over time form the ground water, you can see the efficacy of the material degrade long before expected. When you need a service to reattach and strengthen your retaining wall, you can trust in the professional touch and expertise that Mansfield Foundation Repair brings.


No matter the concrete surface, dealing with cracks is almost an inevitability, this comes as a cost to its durability as the material doesn’t have the capacity to move and shift with the earth around it. When you find that your Mansfield area retaining wall is suffering from these effects, a simple phone call to Mansfield Foundation Repair will get you on your way to results. We bring the right reinforcement services needed to strengthen these areas, repair visible cracks and ensure that your retaining wall has the strength needed to keep working effectively in protection of your Mansfield property.

Wood Issues

Some retaining walls are made of wood rather than concrete, and in these cases there is always the lurking possibility of dealing with wood rot. When you notice that the wood in your retaining wall is starting to bow or separate, this can be a sign of the strength of this material slowly giving way. In order to bring it back to its former dependency levels, getting the right professional touch makes all the differences, and at Mansfield Foundation Repair we bring you all the services you need to ensure that your retaining wall stands strong and dependable for years to come.