Slab Repair

Being the most popular choice of foundation in the U.S. knowing slab foundations inside and out should be the launching point of any foundation repair company in the business, and we are no different. This is the service that launched us into the repair world,
and one of the skills that we have honed through assisting hundreds, if not thousands of homes over our time.

Our Specialty

Being the initial offering that we brought to Mansfield, the slab repair service that we bring is one that we have had years to perfect, and when a customer phones in stating that they have a slab foundation issue, we know immediately that no matter what that issue happens to be, we have the skills to fix it. There is a sense of ease that comes from using a company that specializes in a certain aspect of their work, as you know that no matter what, you always have the most capable hands in the city at your side.


Dealing with cracks in your slab foundation can be the precursor to many different events down the road, all of which costing more time and money than you want to sink into it. Therefore getting the right professional services immediately to bring the issue to a close is important, and Mansfield Foundation Repair has the offerings you need. We bring you a specialized service that fixes the cracks in question and brings back the strength to your foundation, giving you back a footing for your home that you can depend on to bear the weight of its work for many more years to come.


When cracks have had the opportunity to grow and spread, you may find yourself dealing with a full on break rather than an easily repairable line. When these circumstances befall your foundation it becomes more pertinent than ever to have the right professionals on hand. We bring you the expert services needed to have your breaks properly filled and replaced, and the right after services that will ensure that the settling replacement will fulfill its duties as intended. At Mansfield Foundation Repair we go the extra mile to ensure that your repairs are going to last you the life of your foundation.


If you find that over the years your foundation flooring has become noticeably tilted, if you can drop a ball and watch it always roll to the same area, then settling underneath your foundation may be the culprit. These issues can be fixed in many different ways, but it takes a professional to know which one will be the most effective. We bring you the assessment services you need to know which of these measures we should implement, and then doing so with the skill and knowledge that only comes with years of dedicating ourselves to this particular craft.